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Review: Kromlech Clanking destroyers Or These are the robots you are looking for

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This is the first in what will be a series of reviews of Kromlech products, and in this review we'll take a look at some of the rather special miniatures from Kromlech, the clanking destroyers.

Kromlech is a Polish company which excels in making some of the best 3rd party ork bits and miniatures out there and you could do worse than check out their webpage and be amazed.
It's all right, I'll wait till you return....

Back again?
Great, then lets continue.

As you might know the 40k ork fluff contains some rumblings about orks who were so unfortunate as to have crossed paths with a particularly mad painboy and hence transformed into cybernetic monstrosities.
The destroyers seemed to fit the theme perfectly, so I was anxious to take a look at the lovely Clanking destroyers from Kromlech.
The reviewed kit is a multi part resin kit and as always when working with resin, be sure to wash the parts, before trying to paint and glue.

If you've never worked with resin before and are thinking about skipping the above step, dont! Glue and paint simply wont stick until the parts have had a good washing.

The great thing about the way kromlech designed the clanking destroyers, is that there is not a set way to assemble them. You get 5 heads, torsos, legs and different arms which can be assembled at your hearts content.

The parts require very little cleaning and the mold lines are manageable.
In general I had very few problems getting the models ready to paint and the casts seems to be of very high quality.
No matter how clean a cast, there will always be a little cleaning, but with the dull part out of the way, it is time to take a look at some possible uses for the clanking destroyers.

This obviously gives you a ton of options for customizing, not only with regards to the Clankers but as shown below, the parts also fits regular GW Orks perfectly. The little cute guy below, was put together with random parts, chosen by my wife, and they all fit together perfectly.

In other words, you should be able to assemble a pretty unique bunch of minis with the supplied parts.

They look incredibly "orky" and the name is perfect, it is easy to imagine some mad Mek/Painboy clanking random parts together for the greater glory of Mork(or Gork), with little rhyme or reason and these bad boyz clanking off to the battlefield.

Converging on conversions
The models and all the possible combinations of parts, would make for a great group of cyber-orks or ork robots, but that would be only half the fun.

As shown below, most of the parts fits perfectly on your standard 40k orks and they sure spice up some otherwise pretty dull models, so you are not in any way limited in you choice of parts or models. Besides, who doesn't like giant cyborg chainsaws?
Actually, I suspect I will be buying some Clanking destroyers, just for the parts and variety they provide and spread random Cybork orks throughout my army. It is a great way to get a little variaty in an othervise pretty similar looking army.

As I might have alluded to, I think Kromlech have hit home with the clankers. 
The models go together well, have tons of soul and will fit any ork army perfectly either as standalone models or as bits for your regular orks.

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